How To Find The Perfect Gift Ideas For Someone 2018

 How To Find The Perfect GiftWhether it’s a birthday or anniversary, finding an appropriate gift can be a chore. For many people, gifting usually goes one of two ways: A last minute voucher that you picked up in a blind panic, or something that you’re not sure the person will really want. If you’re struggling with ideas for the perfect gift, look no further:

Get Creative With The Wrapping

Handing over a card with a voucher inside is kind of boring. Think of the whole gifting experience instead of the gift itself. You can hide the gift and leave a trail of clues, or perhaps tuck it inside a favourite book. Often, the experience of receiving a gift is more important than the item itself.

Gift Ideas For The Minimalist

If you’re trying desperately to think of a gift for a person that isn’t big on material possessions, then maybe an “experience” is better than a physical gift. Concert tickets are a great idea, likewise, an invitation to a restaurant can work really well. It doesn’t have to be so pedestrian either, you could think outside the box and book anything from a supercar experience to an afternoon at a paintball venue, there are loads of online gifts that will provide some great memories. Get creative!

Clues From The Past

Old movies and cartoons, computer games and toys all come up in conversations between friends. Use this to your advantage and try to think of something relevant you can gift. eBay makes it easy to find those retro items from childhood. It’s often a fairly cheap way of giving a meaningful gift as well.

Make A List

Think really carefully about what the person is into. If you brainstorm for a few minutes and then write the ideas down into a list, you’ll have a much better idea of where to look for a gift. It doesn’t have to be obvious either: Someone who runs their own business might appreciate something that helps them to better organise their time. It doesn’t have to revolve around hobbies and interests.

Get Personal

If you’re short of cash, or simply want to give a more intimate gift, think about creating it yourself. You could create a piece of art, or make a piece of clothing. The choices are virtually endless. If you’re not the artsy type, you can still get creative by making an old fashioned mix tape or framing something personal to the giftee.

Make Them Laugh

If you’re really stuck for ideas, make the person laugh. Adding a sense of humour to a gift can really add a personal touch. You can even add a fun element to one of the ideas above to create a really memorable gift.

Help Someone Else

If you have absolutely no idea what to give, even after thinking through the list above, then why not donate to a charity on the persons behalf? There are hundreds of worthy causes that are are in desperate need of funding. Many charities will send monthly updates about how your donation is helping their cause. For someone that isn’t a fan of physical gifts, this can be a really heart warming and thoughtful present.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is an author and personal trainer. He enjoys playing competitive poker and volunteering at his local homeless shelter and animal refugee.